Coquinarius - Meeting point of food and wine

Meeting point of food and wine.
Coquinarius is a casual and informal restaurant and wine bar located just behind the Duomo of Florence.
The restaurant serves classic dishes of Mediterranean cuisine such as "crostini" and "crostoni", fresh pasta, meat dishes, carpaccio and salads along with a wide selection of natural wines and grappa.
The dishes on the menu embodies what we call Tuscan cuisine.




Grande Antipasto Coquinarius: selection
of salami, cheese, crostini (for 2 people)
€ 24,00
Mix of appetizers: eggplant rolls, chickpeas flan, sword fish, patè and crostini (for 2 people)€ 24,00
Cheese course€ 15,00
Salami course € 14,00
Cheese and Salami course€ 16,00
Pecorino cheese and pears€ 9,00
Ham and Melon€ 9,00
Sword fish rolls with avocado and melon€ 10,00
Goose Breast with balsamic vinegar and onion € 10,00
“Tuna” Rabbit with beans and sweet and sour onions€ 10,00
Chicken Liver patè with sun dried figs served with toasted bread € 10,00
Chickpeas Flatbread with codfish, spinach and caramelized onion€ 10,00

Crostini & Crostoni

Crostini misti chef’s  selection of 6 crostini€ 8,50
Crostini smoked mackerel, robiola cheese, orange€ 4,50
Crostini fresh cheese, anchovies and pepper jam€ 4,50
Crostini brown bread, goat cheese and fig jam€ 4,50
Crostini mushrooms€ 4,50
Crostini sausage and stracchino cheese€ 4,50
Crostini with lard  (Lardo di Colonnata)€ 4,50
Crostini toscani with cicken liver pate€ 4,50
Crostini with eggplants, dried tomatoes and sesam seed€ 4,50
Bruschetta Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Garlic, Basil€ 8,00
Crostone Tomato, Mozzarella, Capers, Anchovies€ 8,00
Crostone Eggplant, Provola cheese, Tuscan Ham€ 8,00
Crostone Provola cheese, Pears€ 8,00
Crostone Pecorino cheese, caramelized onions and anchovies and basil€ 8,00
Crostone Stracchino cheese, tomatoes, bacon€ 8,00
Crostone Gorgonzola, celery, honey€ 8,00
Crostone Taleggio cheese, nuts, honey€ 8,00
Crostone Brie, almonds, honey€ 8,00


Gnocchi with Tomato and Basil€ 9,00
Cheese and pear Raviolini€ 12,00
Tagliatelle   with sheep ragù€ 12,00
Tomatoes soup with codfish and  garlic bread€ 12,00
Pici  with roast beef sauce and rosemary crumble€ 13,00
Spaghetti with fennel, squid and bottarga€ 13,00
Tagliatelle with rabbit  white ragù with saffron, eggplant and juniper sauce and olives€ 13,00
Burrata Raviolotti with onions and pistachio€ 13,00
Shrimps and scallops Tortelli with tomatoes sauce and sesam seeds € 13,00

Main Courses

Mushrooms and  Grana Padano cheese  Crumble€ 15,00
Roast beef with vegetables and basil, anchovies & cappers sauce€ 16,00
Beef tartare with tomatoes, basil and olives€ 18,00
Beef Tartare with Porcini mushrooms, dried blueberry and Maldon salt€ 20,00
Tuna Tartare with avocado, mango, lime and ginger€ 18,00
Slow cooked Beef Cheeks with red wine, caramelized onion and beans€ 18,00
Wild Boar   and grape stew with polenta in  grape  leave€ 20,00
Pigeon  with spinach, pine nuts and raisins€ 20,00


Raw Beef carpaccio with confit salty tomatoes, ricotta  cheese and salad€ 15,00
Venison fumè with spinach,pears, almond   and balsamic vinegar sauce€ 15,00
Wild Boar carpaccio with artichokes  in oil, cherry tomatoes and salad€ 15,00
Salty codfish carpaccio  marinated with brandy served with onion, green pepper and olives€ 15,00
Smoked Salmon carpaccio served with salad€ 15,00
Octopus carpaccio with chickpeas flan€ 15,00
Sword Fish carpaccio with ruby grapefruit, fennel and pink pepper€ 15,00
Smoked Tuna carpaccio with cherry tomatoes, pinenuts, raisins and wild fennel€ 15,00
Mix of Smoked Fish with salad€ 15,00


Burrata: salad, cherry tomatoes, tuscan ham and two Burrata€ 15,00
Scozzese: salad, cherry tomatoes, avocado, chicken bacon and balsamic vinegar sauce€ 15,00
Nordica: lettuce, celery, apples, smoked trout and smoked salmon€ 15,00
Contadina: salad, avocado, sweet corn, olives, boiled egg, sundried tomatoes, almond€ 14,00
Autunnale: salad, spinach, grape, celery, pecorino cheese, nuts and balsamic vinegar€ 14,00
Pugliese: mixed salad, cherry tomaoes, smoked salmon, cappers, celery, olives€ 14,00
Mediterranea: salad, chickpeas, tuna in oil, olives, grilled bell pepper€ 14,00
Caprese: buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, salad€ 14,00
Pittoresca: buffalo mozzarella, steamed vegetables€ 14,00
Greca: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta cheese€ 14,00
Tropea: rocket, basil, tomatoes, tuna fish, red onion€ 14,00
Etrusca: rocket, mushrooms, ham, grana padano cheese, pinenuts€ 14,00
Zingara: lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, boiled egg, mozzarella, anchovies, olives€ 14,00
Strega: eggplants, zucchini and bell pepper, rocket, olives, provola cheese, sundried tomatoes€ 14,00
Oche: lettuce, carrots, avocado, cucumbers, green beans, feta cheese, walnuts€ 14,00
Rustica: lettuce, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, tuna€ 14,00
Rucola: rocket, cherry tomatoes, grana padano cheese€ 6,00
Classica: lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes€ 6,00


Desserts are like memories, they are the crystallized expression of a state of mind. The
Coquinarius chefs immortalize in their creations a different emotion each day, following the seasons and their fruits, accompanying the sensations linked to the moment. Every dessert has its own soul and, like an ancient memory, a unique and unrepeatable flavor.



Wine selection

Those who love wine know where to find it.
At Coquinarius you will discover a unique and special selection of wines, always evolving, Tuscan and Italian wines, extraordinary wines.
Each wine has its own character and its history and we’re here to describe it, from the peculiarity of its processing to the uniqueness of its producer.
In every wine of our selection you will feel the commitment and dedication of the people who created it. We travel in search of these people and these wines to offer you not only a glass of wine, but a story, to be savored together with our dishes.



Art of food


Over the years the wine shop has established itself among the main protagonists of the city restaurants. Famous among fans all over the world, in 2012 the "Travelers' Choice Restaurants" placed the Enoteca Coquinarius as a second restaurant in the city after the famous Enoteca Pinchiorri.
This recognition, combined with many others, has created and still creates numerous rumors and articles on the most important sources of information around the world including: New York Times, The Guardian, Le Figaro, Bild, Vogue, La Repubblica, Gq, Le Monde, Lonely Planet, Routard, Slow Food, Rick Steves, Frommer's and many more.


Via delle Oche, 11r 50122 Firenze tel. +39 055 2302153

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